New Book on Agent-based Models in Economics

Agent-based Models of the Economy
From Theories to Applications
Riccardo Boero, Matteo Morini, Michele Sonnessa, Pietro Terna Models Of The Economy uses agent-based models for understanding a broad spectrum of economic phenomena.
This book aim is twofold. First, it introduces the reader to the methodology and to the technicalities and the tools necessary to master the creation of agent-based models. Second, it presents several examples of applications to different economic phenomena where agent-based models are crucial in answering the research question and in solving practical problems emerged in business and policy domains (e.g., financial markets, cooperation dynamics, public policy evaluation).
With this book, readers learn what agent-based models are and the advantages they can provide. Further, readers learn how to develop from scratch and with scientific rigor their own agent-based models for studying economic phenomena. Finally, readers find in the book several applications that can represent examples to be imitated and to be kept as reference. 

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