Nature Climate Change Anniversary

Nature Climate Change celebrates its first anniversary and gives open access to a selection of articles, one from each issue (but just for one month!).
Nature Climate ChangeAmong them, the interesting interview with palaeoanthropologist Chris Stringer about how humans coped with climate change in the past
It is very interesting his perspective on the main threats to our survival, that is to say the fact that we are among the mammals one of the most vulnerable because of low fertility rate, because of the time needed to raise children and because we are "very dependent on a few staple crops, such as wheat and rice". 
From the opposite perspective, paleoanthropology teaches us that we survived several ice ages and Neanderthals didn't due to the fact that "modern humans had larger groups and social networks", and to "technological differences". 
That is to say that our vulnerabilities are due to physical constraints and to our dependence on the environment, while our chances of adaptation depend upon our social capacities and technology.