Mind & Society CFP on Innovation

Mind & Society - Cognitive Studies in Economics and Social Sciences is launching a Call for papers in view of  a Special Issue on
Cultural and Cognitive Dimensions of Innovation
planned for the second half of 2012. Editors of the issue will be Petra Ahrweiler (University College Dublin) and Riccardo Viale (Editor in Chief, Mind & Society)

Mind&SocietyThis Special issue addresses the cognitive and societal changes in innovation that have just begun and will have a huge impact in the future. A continuous increase in products or services with a particularly symbolic or aesthetic value can be observed in economic value creation accompanied by a strong growth in employment in comparison to other economic sectors. Creative industries are defined as combining the classical “cultural industries” such as art, architecture, design, music, film and literature with “new” creative industries such as advertisements and software/games/multimedia. The objective of the Special Issue is to analyse the cognitive and social dimensions of creativity and innovation. The articles aim also at focusing on the cultural sources of economic value creation coming from science, arts and the creative industries with a special focus on new emerging digital technologies.

Social values, Creativity and innovation;
Cognitive anthropology of innovation;
Cognitive models of creativity and innovation;
Organizational learning and innovation;
Education, creativity and innovation
Model based reasoning of technological and non technological creativity; Neuroscientific data of problem solving and creativity;
Induction, deduction and abduction in creative thinking;
Connectionist models of creativity and innovation